GSG Towers wins contract for Aker Solutions

Data: 23.10.2019

GSG Towers has won a contract for the assembly of large-size steel structures for the Norwegian oil service company Aker Solutions. For GSG Towers and the sister company Stocznia Gdańsk, it is an important step towards entering the offshore market.

Under the agreement GSG Towers will conduct theassembly and testing of three templates. The templates will be installed subsea, and will be integrally associated with the operation of the Johan Castberg field development project in the Barents Sea offshore Norway. Work on the implementation of the task, is scheduled for completion by the end of March 2019. During the assembly, GSG Towers will also coordinate the supply of various equipment from Poland, Norway and Spain.

A contract with Aker Solutions shows that GSG Towers and Stocznia Gdańsk production capabilities in the field of advanced steel structures are competitive.

”It is also a signal for business partners in the industry that we are slowly returning to the right course, and the activities of the new owner are bringing results,“ said Adam Krzemiński, Vice president of the Board of Stocznia Gdańsk and GSG Towers.

The contract is a confirmation of the yard‘s technical competence and culture. The offshore sector is very demanding in this respect, and the contract is important for the development of production competences of Polish shipyards.

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