safety first

Integrated Policy Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental Protection

Baltic Operator Sp. z o.o., GSG Towers Sp. z o.o. and Stocznia Gdańska Sp. z o.o. as the leaders on the market for the production of onshore and offshore steel constructions.

For our companies, the priority is to conduct activities in the field of production and painting of onshore and offshore steel structures and prefabrication and services of cutting and bending steel construction elements in a safe way for both people and the environment while maintaining high quality of the production process.

To create product value in a sustainable way and effectively build trust:

We work in the Integrated Management System, compliant with the requirements of the following standards:
PN EN ISO 9001, PN EN ISO 3834-2, PN EN 1090, PN-EN ISO 45001, PN-EN ISO 14001

Quality and safety is an integral part of the production rules of GSG Towers and Gdańsk Shipyard.
In our Organization, the commitment is never to compromise on security
and the compliance and quality of our products and services.
We also commit ourselves to protecting the environment and preventing its pollution.

In this context, we commit ourselves to provide the required leadership and resources, and ensure that the Quality, Health and Safety and Environment Policy will be verified and passed on to employees and third parties on an annual basis.

About the group

Baltic Operator is a limited liability company in the Industrial Development Agency Group established in 2018, organized in accordance with Polish law and registered in the National Court Register under number 735044. Baltic Operator is involved in active management, optimization and development of the group’s companies in the broadly understood international shipbuilding, maritime and wind energy sectors, working closely with Gdańsk Shipyard and GSG Towers.

About the group