Baltic Operator with a reading at the National Conference on Non-Destructive Testing

Data: 03.07.2024

On October 17-20, 2022, in Kołobrzeg, at the 49th National Conference on Non-Destructive Testing, the first public presentation of selected results of the R&D project carried out by Baltic Operator together with Partners (i.e. the Institute of Fundamental Problems of Technology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw and the AGH University of Science and Technology) took place. -Hutnicza in Krakow).

Project titled “Development and implementation at Baltic Operator Sp. z o. o. model expert system based on the advanced UT/Phased-Array (UT/PA) system for monitoring the production process and diagnostics of large-size welded steel structures off-shore and on-shore for the maritime industry” has been implemented since 2020 and co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development Development. Industrial research and experimental work will be completed in 2023, when the implementation and commercial operation of the developed solutions are planned to begin.

A scientific article was presented at the conference entitled: “Model solutions of UT/PA scanners for weld testing for wind towers, flat sections and large-scale offshore and onshore structures”, which among 39 articles was qualified by the Conference Scientific Committee to the group of 5 articles nominated for the award of the Welding Institute. The article was published in the Scientific and Technical Quarterly “Non-Destructive Testing and Diagnostics” 1-4/2022 on pages 89-92.

During the Conference, there was also an exhibition presenting the most modern equipment, materials and software for research, diagnostics and control. The exhibition was prepared by 19 industry-leading research and scientific institutions and manufacturers. Baltic Operator was also an exhibitor, and its exhibition regarding experiences related to advanced ultrasonic tests using the Phased-Array method was very popular among the conference participants.

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