Ceremonial burning of sheet metal

Data: 03.07.2024

On August 16, 2022, at Baltic Operator in hall K1, a ceremonial burning of sheet metal from unit NB 474 took place as part of an order for Karstensen Shipyard Poland. This is the twentieth unit for which we provide this type of services.

It is worth adding that as part of permanent cooperation with our client, we provide services of thermal and plastic processing of hull material (burning and bending of sheets and profiles) of units. In 2022 alone, it is planned to process over 6,500 tons of materials just for this client.

Baltic Operator is a company that benefits from direct access to the quay and has one of the largest K1 production halls in Europe. The company has a machinery park with automated welding lines and processing machines, thanks to which the company can implement projects in the field of shipbuilding, offshore and onshore structures, while additionally providing production and non-production services to customers.

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