We have celebrated the memory of the fallen during the events of December.

Data: 14.12.2018

On December 14, 2018, the representatives of “Solidarność” in Gdańsk Shipyard, together with the employees and a delegation of the board of Stocznia Gdańsk S.A. and GSG Towers sp. o.o., have laid flowers at the Monument of Three Crosses in Gdansk.

The December events pertaining to the workers protests on December 14-22, 1970, have a special significance for the entire Pomerania. It is proved by the annual reverie that the participants of the celebrations organized by Solidarity devote themselves to.

Remembering those days, we emphasize the importance of the blood sacrifice of our employees, who then – in December ‘70, motivated by opposition against a significant increase in food prices, gathered at rallies demanding the withdrawal of high prices and regulation of the pay system.

The first clashes of protesters had taken place on December 14, a day later a general strike was announced, joined by the staff of other enterprises, including Gdynia Shipyard

As a result of the repressions from the communist authorities in December 1970, the bloody harvest was collected bringing more than 40 victims, thousands of wounded and detained, showing at the same time the bestiality of the communist regime.

At this days we respect them to whom respect is due and honor those to whom honor is due.

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