Summary of 2019

Data: 16.01.2020

The year 2019 was marked by intensive organizational changes in our enterprises. Together with GSG Towers and Gdańsk Shipyard, the leading company Baltic Operator has sailed into the wide waters. We have received a new logo, developed on the basis of the historic Gdańsk Shipyard signet ring and refreshed our website, which we intend to constantly develop.

For us 2019 means several hundred new employees and associates of the Shipyard due to the pro-employment campaign, carried out in the Tri-City area under the name “Do Great Things”.

The year 2019 is an increased presence at trade fairs in various places around the world and acquiring strategic clients, as well as positive implementation of pilot projects, the effects of which we will be boasting soon. It is also the long-awaited return of ship production, which, together with offshore, wind energy structures and transhipment infrastructure, completes strategic business assumptions based on a diversified portfolio of orders.

2019 is the participation in expert panels during which we discussed the readiness of Polish industry to engage in the implementation of epoch-making offshore wind energy projects and active participation in the structures of the Ship Forum Employers’ Union.

2019 means cultivating the memory of our tradition and roots, through the involvement of companies together with solidarity in the celebration of anniversaries commemorating the shipbuilding victims, murdered by the communist regime.

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