Loading another blocks for a Finnish client

Data: 20.10.2023

Tuesday, October 17, saw the loading of more blocks for a Finnish client, which is one of the leading shipbuilding companies specializing in cruise ships, passenger ferries and special vessels.

More than 9,000 tons of steel blocks have already been completed as part of the ongoing cooperation at Baltic Operator since 2018. Tuesday’s loading involved two (with a total weight of 652 tons) of the nine blocks being completed as part of this project and the total weight to be completed this year will be 3,443 tons. The scope performed by Baltic Operator also includes outfitting and painting work.

The first of the three twin units, in the construction of which Baltic Operator also participated, will receive its first guests as early as 2024. The 365-meter-long units will be able to accommodate more than seven thousand passengers, and the vessel will be manned by two thousand crew members. The blocks, which were handed over in October this year, will go to Finland, where they will be assembled into a hull together with other blocks at the customer’s shipyard, and then, after assembly and outfitting work, will be handed over to the final customer in 2026

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