Baltic Operator is involved in production of various types of constructions for maritime purposes. We are pleased to provide various client-tailored services within our production capabilities.

One of the main parameters determining the possibilities of manufacturing large-size steel structures is a suitably large production hall. Hall K1 has such assembly space. They are so-called “High flights”:
• two with dimensions of 105m x 37m
• and two with dimensions of 70m x 37m
the height of the working space in this part of the hall is 21 meters to the crane hook.

 Cranes that operate at the section construction site have a total lifting capacity of 200 tons.

Large structure sections must be transported to the final assembly site. For this purpose, we use a self-propelled SCHEUERLE transport platform with a capacity of 365 tons measuring 21×6.10 m. The company also has its own railway siding and two locomotives.

Mounting plate
The place of joining the sections into the entire large-size structure is a high-load mounting plate located on the Kashubian Waterfront. It has the following technical parameters:
• length 140m
• width 24m
• load capacity up to 20t / m2
this means that an object weighing up to 3000t can be built on the slab.
Two cranes with a total lifting capacity of 100 tonnes operate at the mounting plate, further two cranes with the same lifting capacity in the further part of the waterfront.



(equipped with: 1 blasting, 1 metalizing and 2 painting chambers)

• Painting section lenght up to 38 m,

• Chamber dimensions (HxWxL): 13,6 x 19,0 x 40,0m.


(equipped with: 1 blasting, 1 metallizing and 2 painting chambers)

• Dedicated forwind towers production,

• Chamber dimensions (HxWxL): 6,5 x 7,5 x 40,0m.


Integrated Policy Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental Protection

Baltic Operator is a leader on the market for the production of onshore and offshore steel constructions.

For company, the priority is to conduct activities in the field of production and painting of onshore and offshore steel structures and prefabrication and services of cutting and bending steel construction elements in a safe way for both people and the environment while maintaining high quality of the production process.

To create product value in a sustainable way and effectively build trust:

We work in the Integrated Management System, compliant with the requirements of the following standards:
PN EN ISO 9001, PN EN ISO 3834-2, PN EN 1090, OHSAS 18001, PN-EN ISO 14001

Quality and safety is an integral part of the production rules of GSG Towers and Gdańsk Shipyard.
In our Organization, the commitment is never to compromise on security
and the compliance and quality of our products and services.
We also commit ourselves to protecting the environment and preventing its pollution.

In this context, we commit ourselves to provide the required leadership and resources, and ensure that the Quality, Health and Safety and Environment Policy will be verified and passed on to employees and third parties on an annual basis.

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