More orders from Marine Projects Ltd.

Data: 16.09.2016

Gdańsk Shipyard Group signed Letter of Intent with Marine Projects Ltd. Subject of the Letter is prefabrication of plat panels, which will be used for construction of passenger-car ferry.

2150 tonnes of flat panels will be prefabricated by Gdańsk Shipyard Group in Q1 2017. Sections will be parts of 160m ferry superstructure build for company Irish Ferries. Vessel will be able to take 1900 passengers and 300 cars onboard.

It is not the first such a big order from this Client. In July another project was successfully finished – within this contract there was prefabricated block and sections of weight 509 tonnes. Furthermore GSG did part of locksmith outfitting for live fish carrier.

Works were performed accordingly to contract schedule and cooperation itself with Client went very well. – says Przemek Kaszubowski, Commercial Director of GSG.

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