Maintenance and painting line

Built in 2001 in Stocznia Gdańsk SA, the cleaning and painting line is one of the most modern of its kind on the Polish Coast of the Baltic Sea. As part of its efforts aimed at improving the environmental protection system, in 2001, the Shipyard introduced a new approach to work on the cleaning and painting line, making use of the latest system of protection against harmful environmental impact. We have two painting chambers and two shot-blasting chambers. The shot-blasting chamber enables the cleaning and painting of several elements at the same time in compliance with ISO standards. This line may also be used for full metallization of structures.

Thanks to its dimensions, the painting line may accommodate structures weighing up to as much as 300 tons. The cleaning and painting line has a 20x20x80-meter chamber which is one of the largest in Europe.

Currently, right next to the existing line, a new facility dedicated to the cleaning and painting of towers for wind turbines is under construction. This construction is part of the plan to double GSG Towers’ current production capacity.