Hall K1

Hall K1 is the largest of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe with a production capacity of 100,000 tons of processed steel per year. It has a surface area of 6.5 hectares and is equipped with high-power rolling machines, a number of specialized cranes, gantry cranes, gas and plasma cutting machines as well as lines for prefabrication of steel structures.

Hall K1 is where the production of high-quality large structures, including niche-market products, takes place.

A major advantage offered by Hall K1 is its location providing excellent product distribution channels: by land, sea and rail.

Hall  Length   Width  Free height Cranes Capacity 
Machinery 210m 178m 14,33m 3x20t, 3x16t, 5x10t 520 000m3
Prefabrication  210m 153m 14,10/10,8m 1x(2x80t), 4x(2x50t), 8x20t 1025 000m3