Automated Prefabrication Lines

Our state-of-the-art lines for automated prefabrication of thick steel components consist of:

Thin-Walled Flat Sections Line

Thin-Walled Flat Sections – a technologically advanced line specially designed for the production of large flat components subsequently assembled into larger steel structures. Welding work is performed by welding robots.

Micro Panels Line
Micro Panels – for automated welding of complex three-dimensional components. The handling of the line is limited to placing the components on the platform. The machine scans the structure on the platform and welds into three-dimensional ones without any human intervention.

Flat Sections Line
Flat Sections Line – the largest automated technological line in the Shipyard consisting of 12 manufacturing stations

Pipe Production Line
We are a manufacturer of pipelines for the shipbuilding and engineering industries. We manufacture pipes according to catalogs, isometric drawings, templates or specific instructions of the investor. Our steel pipelines are made of carbon high-alloyed steel. In cooperation with subcontractors, we also produce sections made of austenitic stainless steel. Our work is supervised by the classification societies PRS, DNV and GL.

Precision cutting of steel
We have specialized machinery for cutting steel in the form of either flat products (plates) or other shapes (e.g. pipes) as follows:

2 dry plasma stations and 1 wet plasma station with digital control and 3 gas-cutting portals.