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GSG Towers spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością domiciled in Warsaw

ul. Adama Naruszewicza 9, 02 – 627 Warszawa

Dear Sirs,

in connection with realization of project ‘Creation of a new production facility for wind towers of the ‘onshore’ and ‘offshore’ types’ performed under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007 – 2013 Priority axis 4 Investments in innovative ventures, Action 4.5. Support for investments of high importance for the economy, Sub-measure 4.5.1. Support for investments in the production sector, we would like to inform You that, as a result of the tender procedure for the delivery, assembly and commissioning winder for winding sheet metal sections of wind towers, being an element of the production line for the processes of longitudinal welding, flange welding, the processes of erection and girth welding of wind towers of the ‘onshore’ and ‘offshore’ types- request no. 35/2015 It has been recognized as the best proposal submitted by „ZPR Pipes Sp. z o.o.” domiciled in Warsaw (02-797), at Komisji Edukacji Narodowej 36/112 B”. Selected proposal received the highest number of points (2,0) based in criteria set out in Request for proposal No. 32/2015. The criteria were: price (50% weight), and the final date for completing the performance of the entire subject matter of the contract (50% weight). Please also note that the offer submitted by Faccin Srl based in Visano (Brescia ) (25010 ) on Via dell‘Industria 19 was rejected due to the failure to meet the requirements of the technical specifications referred to in point 4.1 Request for Proposal No. 35/2015 (as regards the winding parameters and prebending sheet ) .

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