Request No. 54/2015 - delivery, assembly, and commissioning of roller beds sets

Dear Sirs,


in connection with realization of project ‘Creation of a new production facility for wind towers of the ‘onshore’ and ‘offshore’ types’ performed under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007 – 2013 Priority axis 4 Investments in innovative ventures, Action 4.5. Support for investments of high importance for the economy, Sub-measure 4.5.1. Support for investments in the production sector, please find attached request for proposals No. 54/2015 for the delivery, assembly, and commissioning of roller beds sets, made standard for working in hazardous areas, being an element of the production line for the processes of longitudinal welding, flange welding, the processes of erection and girth welding of wind towers of the ‘onshore’ and ‘offshore’ types (in Polish and English).



We invite you to submit a offer. The final deadline for the submission of proposals is set for: 21 December 2015, 15:00 hours.


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