GSG Development Academy continues the tradition of Gdańsk Shipyard Training Group, a long-term leader in the training of welders in Pomerania. Located just next to the main production facility, it offers fast access to rich equipment and professional staff. Our vocational subject trainers are recruited from among GSG’s engineering and technical staff. They have expertise in the relevant field and extensive hands-on experience. Instructors for practical trainings are highly qualified staff members with many years of production experience and teaching records. All trainings and courses are run based on company-developed curricula and are customized to meet the requirements and needs of the customers.

GSG Development Academy organizes trainings and examinations as well as prepares professionals in these areas:

1. Welding/assembly:

1. Courses on welding carbon steel and high-alloy steel metal sheets and tubes:

2. Examinations for welders and welding personnel:

3. Arc welding courses – processes: 111, 135, 136, 138 and 141.

4. Courses on manual metal thermal cutter:

5. Courses for operators of devices for mechanical:

6. Courses for:

7. Courses for farriers-flame straightening of dimensional steel structures.

2. Handling equipment:

1. Courses and Office of Technical Inspection-approved examinations for operators of handling equipment – lever-based devices:

2. Courses for slingers.

Organizational information

GSG Development Academy is open Monday to Friday between 6 am and 10 pm. Training hours may be customized. Weekend trainings are an option for group trainings.

You must be over 18 years of age to be eligible for training. Each participant will receive a completion certificate.

Contact person and enquiries:

Tomasz Steinborn
Head of Professional Trainings
tel. +48 58 769 21 57 or +48 515 054 169

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